FitFrame Developer Documentation


What is FitFrame ?

FitFrame is a popup content generator to display frame informations from Eyes-Road and FittingBox


To use this service, you have to subscribe. Contact our sales department

How to generate the url ?

The url must contain :

* : see below how to compute the signature

Compute the signature

The signature must be = RC4("your password", "A random string" + MD5(GTIN + "A random string")) in hexadecimal

When we receive your signature, we will uncrypt it, and try to compute MD5(GTIN + "A random string"), if it's equal to what you send, that mean we can display informations.


Let's say you want to display informations about the frame which GTIN is 00679516239725, your token is "test" and your password "pass".

Base url (fixed) =
GTIN (fixed) = 00679516239725
Token (fixed) = test
Password (fixed) = pass
Alea (randomly generated each time) = aolEtaiRe
Control = MD5(00679516239725 + aolEtaiRe) = 59aba124d6f50d31557c8c81b784da81
Signature = hexadecimal RC4(pass, aolEtaiRe + 59aba124d6f50d31557c8c81b784da81)
          = 21afd88148c6d9a0d271a6ceefbb80ae98cb5829b14311747ef8ed5930f5c93eeaeea4323965ce3907


See PHP example